About ATD International

The only limitation is your imagination

ATD International is a vibrant company based in London’s commercial community and is engaged in the provision of Brand to People Connectivity worldwide.


We are committed to helping content providers, promoters, event organisers and rights owners leverage their valuable properties and harness an extremely significant additional revenue stream through no additional expense.


We also have an extensive, varied portfolio of events linked to our highly experienced sales consultants and we firmly believe 'the only limitation is your imagination'.


We are active in all forms of advertising opportunities, from time honoured tried and trusted systems to new present-day alternatives that allow for the world of social media to be used. Our dedicated team of futurists constantly look for the next big opportunity technology has to offer.


Whatever your marketing challenge, if we don't already have a solution then we will create one together. Guaranteed.

We have a fresh young design department working with some of the worlds top brands to achieve visual excellence for the consumer to see. We decided early on that in design, the experience is not always the key to success. Our head of design, Jack Tailor (26) was the perfect choice to lead this vibrant young department.


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