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The privacy of our subscribers is one of the items that we value the most at AANI. For this reason, every detail we obtain from you is handled with utmost sensitivity. Our secure security systems are used to safeguard any information that we deem to be sensitive. How we obtain, process, and safeguard your private information on our website is explained in this privacy policy. This is inclusive of all the details that are retrieved when you sign up on this site, when you want to purchase any of our goods and services or just be a beneficiary of AANI newsletters. The site is a property of ATD International Ltd. This same entity not only runs the website, but also takes control of the data received from any consumer, and ensures that it is safely kept. In the event that any information is solicited from you, you can rest assured that it will only be used for the intended purpose as stated in this privacy policy.


The kind of information you provide us with is classified as personal data. These are the kind of details that are used to differentiate one person from the other. This data is the kind that you key in, into our system when you sign up for the newsletter. Any anonymous details are not included in our database. Information about you that we process on our site includes:Identity Data – This includes your first and last name, gender, and your marital title.Contact Data – It includes your postal address and email address.Technical Data – This section includes the login information that you will use to log onto the site, the browser you are using and its version, internet addresses, the type of browser and the specific version in use, time and location settings, OS, and any other technology that you used to get to the site. Usage Data includes details on how you can navigate our website to purchase our goods and services.Marketing and Communications Data – Other preferences like how we communicate to you are what we include in this section. At times, we may include collective data from intimate details about you so as to find out a few details like the number of people who are actively using a certain feature on our website. However, sensitive data like your ethnicity, sexual preferences, your beliefs, political stands, health status, religion, criminal history and any details concerning your genes or biometric data are not collected. Even so, there are instances that may require you to give us intimate details about yourself as per the law or our contract. If you are not willing to surrender these details, a termination of the contract will be initiated from our side, but we will notify you of the decision.


Several channels can be used to get data from you. These are in form of direct communication where you avail the data through phone calls, emails, filling out forms or when you subscribe for any of our products and services. Competitions, promotions, surveys, feedback, publication subscriptions, and automated interactions in our site and other sites using our cookies are also other ways through which we collect the data.


Due to legal restrictions, we use the data where the law allows. We use the details together with other third-party beneficiaries whenever necessary. In as much as essential rights do not hold water over some of our interests, we are forced to comply with the law. This means that we, aside from requesting your permission to share with you our marketing content, we can use these details in whatever way we wish to, without asking for your consent as long as you agree to the terms of our interaction. In regards to marketing, you can unsubscribe from receiving any of our newsletters using the available links in the emails we send you.


The main aim of collecting information from you is to send you our newsletter. Those who opt to be receiving this newsletter have the privilege of gaining details on the new products, services and offers that are currently in progress. Some of the details you are bound to receive include:

  • Free Samples

  • Products Services and offers

  • Finance Credit Score

  • Companies

  • Gaming

  • Casino

  • Bing

  • Lottery

  • Betting

  • Mobile

  • Phones & Contracts

  • Cash back offers

  • Online Retailers

  • Competitions

  • Freebies Surveys

  • Competitions


If you do not wish to have your personal data collected or used for marketing purposes, you can tick a certain box that secludes you from the list of people whose details will be used. Even more, if you want to opt out of this subscription, you can contact us here and ask to unsub: or email us on regarding your preference and email it to us. In as much as we won’t sell your information to third parties, we may use it to suggest third parties that are similar to what interests you if you so wish.


Below is a detailed description of why we intend to use the data you provide us with together with legal details that allow us to do so. For any clarification on this, send us an email with the subject heading clearly stated. We use details for:MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS – If you have signed up for our newsletters it allows us to use your details, you will receive a newsletter of all the latest free stuff, free samples, competitions, deals, discounts.DISCLOSURE OF YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION – Only the Director has access to your data.INTERNATIONAL TRANSFERS– We have partners who are based outside the European Economic Area (EEA) that need this data. Considering that they do not follow the same rules regarding the safeguarding of personal details, we put in place measures that ensure that your information is used for the purpose it was intended for. The EEA has also restricted the transfer of personal data outside of its region unless some criteria are met.


In regards to data loss and theft, we have taken action by putting stringent measures that secure your information from predators or from being lost. A three-step procedure has been put in place to aid the safeguarding of your personal information. This is done physically, electronically, and in the managerial level. Additionally, only parties who are required to know such details are the only ones that are given access to such information. They will only use your information in accordance with the regulations we have stipulated. In case there is any breach of data, there are measures, which have been put in place to take care of the matter. Better yet, our communication team will be in contact with you to inform you if a breach has taken place and fill you in on what is being done to avoid future instances of that kind.


We only keep your data with us the period that this data is required to fulfill its purpose for being collected. Once the stated period is over, we will delete your data from our system or make it anonymous, thus, associating it with you no more. Doing this is so as to give room for research to be done using the information. When this happens, we will not ask for your permission to use the data considering that we detach it from you. However, we may also hold on to these details for six more years after you cease being our client for filing taxes as is required by the law.


There are certain instances that give you rights to your data. You are not required to pay to access your personal data. However, in the case where you request to gain this access repetitively, we may put a reasonable fee on the request before we allow you the access. Even more, we can deny you the access to this data if you fail to provide enough proof to verify that indeed you are the owner of the details that you so wish to access. In order to speed up the process, we may also contact you directly to verify this. All these are security measures to ensure that unauthorised personnel do not get a hand on this information. Some of the rights that you are entitled to include the right to do the following:

  • Ask to use your information whenever you wish to do so.

  • Ask to adjust the details you had submitted before.

  • Object to the processing of your information.

  • Restrict the use of the data we collect from you.

  • Ask to move your data.

  • The need to revoke the consent you had provided us with earlier on.

In the event that you want to take action concerning any of the above rights, send us an email at contact @ long it takes us to complete the process of verifying a request depends on the complexity of the matter. In cases where the matter is somewhat complex, it may take over one month to complete the process. Consequently, we will communicate to you about the matter so you are well prepared to wait longer than usual. However, if the matter is simple, a month is sufficient to respond to your request. In this case, we contact you regarding the same to keep you updated.


Links to external websites are available on our site. In the event that you click on them and they redirect you to their host websites, it is important to note that we have no control over these other sites. For this reason, we are not liable for privacy breaches that take place while you are on those sites. It is up to you to be familiar with the policies of those other sites for the protection of your personal information.


We incorporate cookies in our system to ease your encounter on our site as well as protect you from fraud and other irregular practices that take place online. The file asks for your permission to download the file to your hard drive. The minute you authorise this process, cookies will be automatically added and it will begin analysing the traffic on the internet and especially so on the sites you visit. Cookies gather your details and personalise your experience on each site that you visit. Every detail about your preferences that you key in is stored and used later on to make suggestions that are likeable to you. In the case of our site, we have subscribers who take the option of receiving newsletters any time we publish them. Cookies serve the purpose of remembering the subscribers and display notifications to the various parties in regards to their state. To ensure that your encounter on our site is heightened, we use cookies to highlight the pages that are being used by our clients. Later on, we use this information to enhance our website and make custom tailored suggestions that suit each client’s needs. This data is only used for statistical purposes and once its purpose is served, the information is then deleted from the system. This information is only used for a short period of time and after the statistics are done and a conclusion is achieved, the data is erased from the system. It is good to note that there is no intrusion of privacy in regards to any theft of personal information when you use cookies. Only the details you share with us are disclosed to us. Each person can choose to allow cookies to make the required changes or decline its services. At times, we use cookies availed by third parties that we trust, but this is only in special cases. There are browsers that automatically accept cookies. However, you can adjust this on your computer to ensure that permission is requested before cookies can be incorporated into your computer's hard drive.


Your feedback and thoughts are valued. Be sure to contact us via email at If you want to update your information, you can also send an email regarding the same to Alternatively, you can fill out the contact form available here: .