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AANI is a trade name for ATD International Ltd and is dedicated to worldwide consumers who are looking for free stuff deals. We offer the consumers new products to try them for fun or to try them to decide on buying.We reserve the right to make any changes, or to withdraw/amend any services and offers without prior notice. It is also declared that we will not take the responsibility if this website is unavailable for any period of time.

What you need to know about us

The terms and conditions described here will determine the relationship between AANI and its users, and your use and visits on the site will be in accordance with our terms and conditions. So, it is expected that you should read the terms and conditions minutely to know what will be your rights, and liabilities. By entering AANI you are giving your consent that you have agreed to our terms described below. For any queries we expect you to raise your questions through our contact us page.

Our Terms and Conditions of Accessing and Using this Website

  1. The contents, products, and services that AANI offer to you without any hidden charge are meant for your personal use only, and these are subject to our terms and conditions.

  2. It is our sincere concern to keep the website available for you all the times, and to keep the materials up to date and accurate. However, we are not guaranteeing anything on this regard as despite our effort to maintain the information accurate, mistakes would happen. We will not be liable to any problems regarding access to the site.

  3. All the offers made by AANI are carefully chosen and published by our Sampling Team, and they are valid at the time when they are published. The images that are used in this site are representational; and in some occasions, they may differ from the images that are displayed. You hereby agree with us that it is your risk to any reliance on the materials in this website.

  4. We also declare that we do not control any other site linked to our site, thus we do not have the responsibility for any materials on those sites that we do not control. It is your responsibility to share any information to the external sites linked to our sites, we will not be liable for any loss of information that you have provided to those sites.

  5. Under our terms and conditions, you agree that any contracts for the products/services are in between you and the third parties. We are not responsible for the contracts that you have made with the retailers/merchants.

  6. We have the rights to make any changes to the site or its privacy policy without any prior notice as the right is reserved by AANI. You will be responsible to check and know any changes/amendments in our terms.

  7. We also reserve the right of implementing our terms and conditions in a reasonable occasion.
    Prohibitions and Laws of using AANI

  8. We assume that you are accessing and using our site legally, and you are supposed to be abide by the laws. We will not take the responsibility of your unlawful use of the site. Moreover, we may terminate access to the site to prevent the site for illegal uses as we reserve the right to deny your access.

  9. The users of our site are not allowed to reuse any part of this site for any commercial purposes, as well as they are not permitted to give any benefit to third parties against our explicit consent.

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  3. You have the right to unsubscribe the daily newsletters at anytime. To unsubscribe the newsletters you need to follow the “unsubscribe” button which you will find in every newsletters that we send you.

  4. Once you sign up as AANI users, your information is stored and protected by us. For any details about this issue please check our “Privacy Policy.”

Our intellectual property rights

We are the sole owner of all the intellectual property available in our site, and we reserve the right. All the materials are published under the copyright laws around the world.You are allowed to use the materials for personal occasions but not allowed to redistribute or modify any materials. It is also allowable that you print /download a copy of the materials from our site to use them in your personal needs; you may also invite others to the materials available in our site, but you are not allowed to distribute them.Do not infringe the copyright laws by modifying any papers or digital copies. You do not also have the right to use any illustrations, photographs, texts, audios, or videos in isolation.

Our Partnerships Disclosure

We do have affiliate relationships with other companies on AANI, which means we do receive payment and commission if you click “GET IT HERE” and sign up.

Data Protection and Privacy Policy

We value your trust on us, and we consider the information that you share with us as confidential. We hereby also declare that we

do not have any hidden purposes, other than those have described, to use your information. We do not sell/rent the information to any third parties, and this policy is not susceptible of any change.

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